The NBT Music Radio Full 24 hour Program list

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5am Berlin/4am Uk/11pm New York


Carta Marina, AEB, Million Dollar Mouth, Larrakin Love, The Clash, Evi Vine, Slugs Of War, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Morning Jacket, Belle Phoenix, Long Ryders, Badmouth,
Strolling Scones, Thee Now Sound, STEKK FDD, Interpol, Otis Rush, The Castaways, Darren Gaines and the Key Party, Marilyn Roxie, The Jerks, Life Size Maps, Athena Reich, The Horn The Hunt,
SharkBrother, Loop, EMA, Portishead, As Dusk Fades, REM, Sons and Daughters, JOANovARC, The Shakespeares, Mach Fox, Angus and Julia Stone, The Dissapearing Act, Ghostly Dust Machine, Bright Eyes, Andrew Bird, Heather Nova, Our Broken Garden, Tv On The Radio, Wild Beasts,
Teardrop Explodes, Crystal Castles, Eudora Fletcher, Cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Skilf, Hot Chip and Peter Gabriel, My Bloody Valentine, Saint Etienne, LunariaN, Belle and Sebastian, Tuxedomoon, Wings, Love, Small City
, HuDost, Elika, Motifs, Ambrose Akinmusire, Max Carmichael, Bodies Of Water, Peter Hammill, MyBrightest Diamond, Tocotronic, JD Souther, Plastic Pals, Good Lovelies, Stone Iris, Hat Check Girl, Chainsaw
, BirdEatsBaby, 700 Sundays, Brixton Moord n Roof Orkes, Monsters Of Folk, Morphine, REVEL 9, Fiery Blue, Fur Dixon and Steve Werner, The Wombats, Eek – a- Mouse, The Cure.

8am Berlin/7am UK/ 2am New York


PJ Harvey, Slugs Of War, Associates, Blindness, Snowpony, Bright Eyes, Nate Maingard, Teardrop Explodes, EMA,
Gerry Griffin, Derby,Daniel Glenn Timms, Beth Wimmer, Soar,Emith, Christophe Beck, Dan Krikorian, Lamb, Neil Young, Aaron English, Count To Fire, Elika, My Cerulean Heart, Marco Mahler, Rainland, Pink Monkeys, LadyTown, Bilkis, 88KOS, Long Ryders, Mark Almond, Sweet Ray Laurel, Marvin Gaye, Zoomonk, The Smiths, Jimi Hendrix, Roots, Twin Brother, SeaPony, St Vincent, Radio Drive, Tara Nevins, Nick 13, REM, Keren Ann,
Threza, Bus Stop Dreams, Electroflesh, Jessica Johnson, Small City Calling, Best Coast, Twin Brother Max Carmichael, Bon Iver, Edwyn Collins, Cockney Rebel, Blue Roses,Rickie Lee Jones,
Okkervil River, Plastic Pals, Jamie T, The Vow, The Blasters, Buddy Rich, Dolly Parton, Breadfoot, A Fine Day For Sailing, Dirk Speksnijder, Polar Dust, The Hit and Mrs, Victoria Vox, Small City Calling, The Frown, Countless Thousands, Danger Mouse, Jetsunma, IAM: YOURHERO, Spiritualized, His Name Is Alive, Quiet Rebellion, Xcerts, New Colony 6, The Cure, Black String Theory,Suzerain, White Shoes and The Couples Company

9am Berlin/ 8am UK/ 3am New York


Patti Smith, Love, BirdEatsBaby, Melody Klyman, Marilyn Roxie, Pollyanna, Archiecture In
Helsinki, Carta Marina, Sin Fang, American Babies, Belle Phoenix, Metric, Tambourine Sailor, The Red
Button, Fur Dixon, Ben Howard, EyesLips, Greg CopeLand, Threza, Good Lovelies, Stone Iris,
Hat Check Girl, 700 Sundays,Brixton Moord n Roof Orkes,Bright Eyes, Monsters Of Folk, Morphine, Andrew Bird, Fur Dixon and Steve Werner, Wombats, Tocotronic, Eek- a- Mouse, The Cure,Atmosphere Control Unit, Ricky
, The Shakespeares, Fan Modine, Lilo, Super Furry Animals, Hauschka, C Cat Trance, Flying Lotus, Tomas Alexander, Throwing Muses, Lightspeed Champion, John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey, White Shoes and the Couples Company, Beth Wimmer,Celilo,88KOS, Ghost Trains, Hat Check Girl, Revel 9, Schutzschall, Suede, Sussanah and the Magic Orchestra, Tammy Wynette, The Cousins, Nails, Tv on The Radio, Wye Oak

10am Berlin/ 9am UK/ 4am New York


Beth Gibbons, Grand Atlantic, Jim Lauderdale, Keren Ann, Liz Queler and Seth Farber, Mad
Buffalo, Neil Young, Peter Bryngelsson, Pia Dean featuring Caroline Langford, Tambourine Sailor, The Album Leaf, The Naked and the Famous, Tin Pan, Count To Fire, Zoomonk, AeB, Belle Phoenix, Bonedome, Derby, Elika, Glow and the Forest, Nina Simone, Pete Sinjin, Quiet Rebellion, Future Sound Of London, Tomas Kocko and Orchestra, Those Dancing Days, Waterboys, Beth Wimmer, Belle and Sebastian, The Dears, Jessica Johnson,Matmos, Mikael Perrson, Official Secrets Act, Shoot For The King, Skilf, Black String Theory, The Vow, The Janks, Tori Amos, Yuck,123, Bilkis, Blue Roses, Edwyn Collins, Jamie T, Ladytown, Max Carmichael, Nick 13, Okkervil River,Radio Drive, Rickie Lee Jones, Small City Calling, Cockney Rebel, The Plastic Pals, Twin Brother,Fisher Z, Lightspeed
, Peter Comes From Never Land, Mad Pride, As Dusk Fades, The Strange Death Of Liberal England, Best Coast, Readers’ Wives, Avett Brothers, Freddie Campbell, Alex Winston, Dark Water Hymnnal, Beth Wimmer.

11am Berlin/ 10am UK/ 5am New York


Wings, Love, Small City Calling, HuDost, Elika, Motifs, Max Carmichael, Bodies Of Water, Peter Hammill, My Brightest Diamond, Sons and Daughters, JD Souther, Plastic Pals, Grand Ole Party, Laura Marling, BKO Dirt Music and Tamikrest, Bill Callahan, Viva Voce, EMA, Jim Lauderdale, Emith, Merry Ellen Kirk, Key To the Midway, Shoot For The King, Bus Stop Dreams, Dum Dum Girls, Jessica Johnson, Alex Winston, Emmy the Great, Portishead, DarkLily, Mammut, Marilyn Roxie, Dirk Speksnijder, Ruth Minnikin and Her Bandwagon, Thromboes, Casey Fallen, Mach Fox, Anti Crew, Peter Gabriel, Happy Mondays, Red Button, The Crows, Pavement, Fern Fox Palmer, The Janks, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mamas and Papas, Count To Fire, The Hit and Mrs, Susan James, Sunways, Zula, Joan Baez, Emily Jane White, The Clash, Larry Penn, Snow Pony, Hilary York, Nate Maingard, Pia Dean
featuring Caroline Langford
, Keren Ann, Ladytown, The Gourds, Andrew Austin, Inspiral Carpets, Primal Scream, radio rats, Neutral Milk Hotel, Jeff Larson, Manna, Detroit Rebellion, Anais Mitchell,iCON, Escape Directors, Van Der Want-Letcher, Suede, Sugarcubes, Revel 9, Glow and The Forest, Tomas Kocko, HappyEndings,
BlueRoses, Electroflesh, Black String Theory

12pm Berlin/ 11 am UK/ 6 am New York


Bone Dome, Giulia Millanta, Oh My darling, Villagers, TV on the Radio, Kate Bush, Best Coast, Tardishead, Black
, Ghost Trains, STEKK FDD, The Crows, Seu Jorge, Rachael Yamagata, Shenandoah Davis, Evi Vine, Twin Brother, Ruby Suns, Tu Fawning, Muffled Shine, War Tapes, Be Good Tanyas, The Knife, Dano, Sparky and Rhonda Tucker, This Mother falcon, Radio Drive, Matt Tyler, Blue Roses, HC Turk, Brett Ryan Stewart, Viva Voce, Artic Monkeys, Adam Balbo, Sufjan Stevens, LunariaN, Water boys, Black String Theory, The KLF, Florence and The Machine, St Vincent, The XX, Crystal Fighters, Boister, AfrodizzyAxe, Belle Phoenix, Renee Wahl, MS09, New Pants, Wildbirds and Peacedrums, Danger Mouse, EMA, Isbells, Georgia Gail Maddison, Sinead O Conner, The Bluetones,
Annie Keating, Apollo’s Sun, Coner Oberst, Good Lovelies, Marcie, Memphis Reigns, Metaform, Plan B, Roots Manuva, Spoonfull and D Mitch, The Crookes, Toro Y Moi, Albert Ammons, Barbara Gilles, Billy Holiday, Mingus, Eleanor Angel, Erin Dickins, Julie London, Lenelle Moise, Sarah Vaughan, Andrew Sisters, Tin Pan, Translate.

1pm Berlin/ 12pm UK / 7am New York


ACU, C Cat Trance, Fan Modine, Flying Lotus, Haushka, PJ Harvey, Lilo, Phranc, Ricky Nelson, Super Furry animals, Shakespeares , Throwing Muses, Tomas Alexander, White Shoes and the Couples Company, Aeb, Architecture In Helsinki, Beach House, Bjork, Blood Orange , Bright Eyes, Harry Chapin, Hilary York, Mark Lanegan, Micachu,
Sharkbrother, Townes Van Zandt, Vand Der Want- Letcher, Adverts, Andy Fonda, Battles, BirdeatsBaby, Countless Thousands, Crystal Antlers, Dudly Saunders, Georgia Gail Maddison, IAM: Your HERO, Richard Kapp, Slade, Space
Dimension Controller
, Wye Oak, Yuck, Au Revoir Simone, Damn The Icebergs, History Of The Trade, Max Carmichael, Sheri Miller, St Vincent, The National, TV Carpio, Tara Nevins, The Vaccines, Tokyo Rosenthal, Tori Sparks, Carmel, CSS, Dum Dum Girls, I See Hawks In LA, Jebediah Good Thrust, Lambchop, Let’s Wrestle, Readers Wives, Shoot For The King, Tori Amos. 123, 88KOS, Beth Gibbons, Big Star, Black Flag, Cockney Rebel, Max Frost and the Troopers , Marilyn Roxie, New Order, Our Broken Garden, Pavement, Planningtorock, The Fall, 13th Floor
, Those Dancing Days, Yma Sumac

2pm Berlin/ 1pm UK / 8am New York


Shoot For The King, Dears, Yuck, Beth Wimmer Official Secrets Act, Skilf, Mikael Perrson, The Janks, Pia Dean, Black String Theory, Jessica Johnson, The Vow , Belle and Sebastian, Matmos, Tori Amos, Lady Town, Small City Calling, Bilkis, Twin Brother, Max Carmichael, Edwyn Collins, Radio Drive, Nick 13, Cockney Rebel ,Blue Roses, Rickie Lee Jones, Count To Fire, Okkervil River, Plastic Pals, Jamie T, The Vow, 123, The Blasters, Neil Young , Buddy Rich, Dolly Parton, Breadfoot, A Fine Day For Sailing, Polar Dust, As Dusk Fades, The Hit and Mrs Victoria Vox, The Frown, Countless Thousands, Blue Roses, Jaloes, Dangermouse and Sparklehorse, Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros, For A Minor Reflection, History Of The Trade, Auto Defiance, Sparkys Magic Piano, Zoomonk, Larrikin Love, Sparklehorse, Kevin Ayers, Temper Trap, Gaia, HC TURK, Brett Ryan Stewart, Viva Voce, Artic Monkeys, Adam Balbo, Sufjan Stevens, LunariaN, Water boys, Black String Theory, The KLF, Florence and The Machine

4pm Berlin /3pm UK/ 10 am New York


Anna Calvi, Bodi Bill, Warpaint,Alex Winston, James Blake, Okkervil River, BirdEatsBaby, As Dusk Fades, Maps, Key To the Midway, Charlemagne, Townes Van Zandt, EeK a Mouse, Yma Sumac, Claire Holley, Sunways, WarTapes, Tunng, Zola Jesus, Suzerain, Jesus and Mary Chain, Jaspar Lepak, Good Lovelies, This Mother Falcon, Jaloes, The Frown, Tara Nevins, Skilf, Tuxedomoon, Retro Stefson, Muskrat Simms, Count To Fire, Elliot Murphy, Citizen K, david Essex, Oh My darling, The Janks, John Parish, Agnes Obel, Alessi’s Ark, Joan Baez, Carmel, Beth Wimmer, Mammut, Thromboes, Strange Death Of Liberal England, Belle Phoenix, History Of The Trade, Aaron English, Polar Dust, Casey Fallen, Peter Doran, Mach Fox, Spiritualized, Gordie Tentrees, Pennan Brae, The Avett Brothers, Golden Kanine, Fleet Foxes, Timber Timbre, Good Intentions,
Michael K, Our Broken Garden, Antlers, Soar, Sonic Youth, Lia Ices, Hundred In the Hands, Forward Music Quintet, Pet Shop Boys, Coldcut

5pm Berlin/4pm UK/ 11am New York


Melody Klyman, William Fitzsimmons, LadyTown, Dissapearing Act, Artic Monkeys, Two Cent Sam, Hit Ups, Broken Records, Modern Methods, Tanya Donelly, Beak, Eek a Mouse, Marina and the Diamonds, LunariaN, Sinead O Connor, Tu fawning, Elika, Frequency Theater, Black Flag, Spiritualized, His Name Is Alive, The Simpletone, Eudora Fletcher, TB Young and The Pc Band, Shoot For The King, Dexys Midnight Runners, Ry Cooder, Pentangle, Alexander Berne, Hot Chip, John Cale, Julie Andrews, Made Of Wood, My Bloody Valentine, Saint Etienne,Skilf, Sons and Daughters, Teardrops Explodes, TV on the Radio, Wild Beasts, Bruiser, Johnny Guitar Watson, kevin Tihista, No Exit, Avett Brothers, The Capitals, The Crows, The Jam, Tori Sparks, Two Door Cinema Club, Alice Cooper, Bilkis, Buzzcocks, Dananananaykroyd, David Essex, Greg Laswell, HuDost, John Palmer, Motifs, Songs:Ohio, Telepathe, VBI, Bodies Of water, Elika, Grand Ole Party,  JD Souther, Laura Marling, Love, Max Carmichael, Peter Hammill, Plastic Pals, Revel 9, Suede, Oasis, Pavement,

8pm Berlin /7pm UK/ 2pm New York


Maeie Laforet, Anna Calvi, Dirty Projectors, Viva Voce, Danger Mouse, The Pretty Fragile, School Of Seven Bells, 88KOS, The Simpletone,Eudora Fletcher, The Fall, Electroflesh, LunariaN, Black String
Theory, Suzerain,Tuxedomoon, Matmos, Eudora Fletcher, Fleet Foxes, Frequency Theater, Kingsmen, Key To The Midway, Phranc, Roxy Music, Serge Gainsbourg, Sufjan Stevens, Sweet Ray Laurel, Wombats, Black String Theory, Belle and Sebastian, Beth Wimmer, Dears, Matmos, Jessica Johnson, Mikael Perrson, Pia Dean, Shoot For The King, Skilf, The Vow, The
Janks, Tori Amos, Yuck, Clair Keim, Arthur Russel, Birthday Party, Bodi Bill, Chris and Cosey, Corroded Master, Destroyer, Dirty Projectors, Genus Inkasso, Lene Lovich, Mauro
, Merricks, Nuetral Milk Hotel, Wire, Anais Mitchell, Blue Roses, Detroit Rebellion, Electroflesh, Emily jane White, Escape Directors, Glow and the Forest, Happy Endings, Krista
, Marco Mahler, Mathieu Pesque and Roll Pignault, Tokyo Rosenthal

3am Berlin / 2am UK/ 9pm New York


Agnes Obel, Alessi’s Ark, Bodi Bill, Citizen K, Count To Fire david Essex, Eek a Mouse, Elliot Murphy, lunariaN, Muskrat Simms, My Brightest Diamond, Oh My Darling , Retro Stefson, warpaint, Yuck, Black Francis, Johan Soderqvist, Key To The Midway, Loop, Marnie Stern, Moriarty, Ohm, Richard Kapp, Surfaris, The Orb, the soul set, Waterboys,Brandt Brauer Frick, Coma, Julia Marcell, Warpaint, Alex Winston, Destroyer, Suuns, Selah Sue, Junior Boys, Lamb, Au Ras Au Ras, Lydia Lunch, Esben and the Witch, As Dusk Fades, Birdeatsbaby, Charlemagne, maps Okkervil River, Bright Eyes, Buxtor Hootn, Evi Vine, Mantronix, Motorhead, My Morning Jacket, Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, say No More Tongues, Cinematic Orchestra, Deloreans, Folio Club, White Shoes and the Couples Company.



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  1. Andrew Hales says:

    I love your blog. Nice job. 🙂
    “Fail Harder” – Mark Zuckerberg

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